Being an example...
WelcomeJanuary 7, 2018

Welcome to "Being an example...", the Continuum on-line journal. Our scope is GIS, Software Development, Mathematics, Encryption, Business, and other topics we believe anyone involved in Utility or Telecom GIS will find interesting.

Our intention is to be informative and entertaining. Nothing is presented as legal, business, financial, technical, or any other type of advice. We welcome comments, suggestions and critiques. Send an email message and we'll respond to anything that is offered constructively.

The first goal of the journal is to follow Einstein's precept that the best way to teach is to provide an example, and, if possible, to be the example. That means delineating one's position clearly, even when it serves to expose flaws in one's thinking. The second goal is to avoid presenting views you, our visitor, is likely to have heard somewhere else, because, as the mathematician G.H. Hardy advised, "there are, by definition, already enough people to do that."

You can decide whether we live up to these standards. There is no plan for any particular theme or series. Check back from time to time, and we'll see what comes up.