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Electric Utility Switch Diagram

Electric Switchgear Diagram

Continuum Products
Geoschematics Machine Drafting

Geoschematics is the premier automated drafting solution. Complex drawings that require weeks of manual effort are often rendered in a minute or less. The range of drawings is unlimited, anything from maps to blueprints. Examples shown are only a small part of the variety that have been produced. Do not hesitate to challenge us with your most complicated drawings.

Geoschematics Label
Copper Wire and Optical Fiber Diagram

Copper Wire and Optical Fiber Diagram

Geoschematics drawings can be saved and distributed in all major image formats, including Visio®, PDF, and DWG (AutoCAD). After viewing a drawing preview, operators may dispatch the preview to drafting, without intervention. If desired, operators may also change drawing boundaries, layout, or displayed features, before sending the preview to drafting. The set of preferences may be saved and recalled later with current GIS data, producing an up-to-the-minute version reflecting the preferences. Contact Continuum to request an on-site or Internet demo.

Optical Ring Diagram

Optical Ring Diagram

Splice Diagram

Optical Splice Diagram

Geoschematics Ledger Report Generator

Geoschematics Ledger automatically exports reports from your GIS data. Extremely flexible, with output delivered as Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets, comma separated values — CSV, and text files formatted as spreadsheets. Applications of Geoschematics Ledger are being used by utility customers to create internal and external reports, saving many hours of work every time a report is filed. A configuration tool isolates formulas you specify to classify objects and calculate output values from output format/presentation, so specifications can be edited without programming skills. Reduces effort, increases quality, and makes for faster, less painful report turnarounds.

Excel Splice Matrix

Geoschematics Ledger output – An Optical Splice Matrix report in Excel® format

Thumbtack Interface

Thumbtack displays an Electric Diagram in a Smallworld Editor

Thumbtack Diagrams for Smallworld GIS

Continuum Thumbtack is the easiest and most cost effective way to place diagrams into Smallworld interfaces. The tool provides panning, zooming, scrolling, selection, and other interactive cababilities to any diagram. Multiple diagrams may be cached in the same Thumbtack canvas, with operators instantly switching between several views in the same window. The two examples show how Thumbtack is used for viewing Geoschematics drafting previews.

Thumbtack Optic Plan

Thumbtack displays manhole outlines and splicing between cables from a fiber optic network using live data. Operators may take a virtual tour of the network using interactive pan and zoom controls. Operators may also select and change positions of objects in the diagram.

MagLock– 4 Steps for you, 2 Steps for Clients
  1. Add custom values to MagLock C-library: License series, Unique string that defines encryption algorithm, etc.; and click supplied bat files to compile license tools: license_request, license_generator, license_validator
  2. Attach license validator to licensed software; at runtime validator checks for expired and invalid licenses
  3. Send license_request.exe to customers
  4. Customers click license_request.exe on each processor to generate license requests, and send them to you
  5. Generate licenses in batch from license requests clicking license_generator.exe and send licenses to customers
  6. Customers place licenses in folders that allow each processor access to its license
MagLock Software Licensing

MagLock is all you need to create a custom software licensing system. MagLock handles the technical details; just fill in the blanks to specify products, customer names, and license series. Specify the expiration date, and in one step, you issue any number of licenses set to expire on that date. Your customers have no problem installing their licenses– customers just place a license in a folder accessible to the relevant processor.

The encryption algorithm is determined by a 24 character string you provide, so your encryption process is different from every other one, and you can change it as easily as entering a new string.

Thumbtack Optic Plan

Creating licenses with MagLock

Customer clicks license_request.exe & sends license request to Provider
Provider clicks license_generator.exe & sends licenses back to Customer

Continuum Services
GE Smallworld software design & coding

We have over 20 years experience creating and maintaining production GE Smallworld applications for utility and telecom companies, including GE product development.

We have extensive experience with all project phases:

  • requirements
  • design
  • coding
  • installation
  • training
  • maintenance
Specification Workshop

The Specification Workshop collects information your team needs to develop applications and train personnel. For over 20 years we have used the workshop to define requirements, continually improving our processes. The workshop stimulates feedback by walking through prototypes, ensuring developers and stakeholders are on the same page.

Deliverables include specification of the product and a map of development, showing milestones and milestone tests. When deliverables are translated into development contract terms, the contract drives accountability and success.

Workshops can be performed on-site or conducted remotely. To take the uncertainty out of commissioning or writing software, start with a Continuum Specification Workshop.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is one of the most effective ways to speed up development and increase the quality of software. It is the heart of an agile development process. Automatic test scripts are run against the software, and the results are compared to standards, producing a log file. Developers are kept on track, and managers are able to see progress without backtracking. The script and log file grow with the software.

We use regression testing as part of our development process. For some applications, in addition to log files, diagrams are output from tests. If you are planning to upgrade existing software or develop new software, we can help you set up a regression testing system.

Functional + Logical Documentation

Subpar software documentation risks unreliable behavior and serious maintenance problems, which can suddenly become a crisis when key personnel leave.

Many organizations lack a simple functional guide to their software applications, preventing operators from understanding effects of customization and menu settings. Operation becomes time-consuming and uncertain.

Logical documentation is the most important factor for effective maintenance and support. Our approach is to write documentation in a standard format that ensures it is complete and well-organized, and that it includes structures that make each software feature hard to overlook and easy to understand. Some features are data flow diagrams and examples of menu settings, customizations, and screen appearence.

Continuum Expert Solutions

Our solutions are tailored to each customer's needs, they are designed to adapt to change, and they are delivered quickly. We can do all this at reasonable cost because we leverage our products, which have been developed over years to a high level of functionality, and our services, with processes that speed up progress, to deliver solutions. We bring an especially high level of efficiency to solutions of certain problems with which we have significant expertise from recent projects.

Compliance Reporting

Talk to us about simplifying the process of submitting reports to regulatory agencies, and improving your handle on report output. We have tools for collecting and formatting data from your GIS databases, that produce reports in virtually any medium, including •Excel spreadsheets, •text versions of spreadsheets or CSV files, •custom diagrams, and •filling in government forms.

Projects recently completed include overhaul of systems that report to US Department of Transportation Transmission and Distribution pipeline equipment for an American utility; and fiber optic maps and schematics submitted to a British Commonwealth agency underwriting construction. With our solutions, reporting becomes a routine matter, completed quickly, and at low cost. A paper trail documents report logic, so you can quickly answer regulators' questions.

Some of the advantages of a Continuum report writing system:

  • choice of reporting formats, including spreadsheets, text files, diagrams, and completion of government forms
  • customization system that handles regulation and data changes without rewriting application
  • logic is transparent and documented
  • user friend interfaces –usable by operators without programming skills
Fiber Manhole Splice

Technicians need accurate diagrams to be productive

Supplying Real-time schematics and maps

Your technicians are faced with many challenges in the field. Support them with the best possible diagrams and design prints, so your organization responds to customer concerns quickly and correctly. Manual drafting is slow and expensive. The output frequently contains errors and exhibits haphazard adherence to drafting standards. As a result, technicians frequently use prints that are out of date and inaccurate. Machine drafting dramatically reduces turn around time and significantly lowers drafting costs. Continuum machine drafting is usually cleaner and always more accurate than manual drafting.

Continuum machine drafting solutions provide

  • reduced drafting costs, ROI is often less than a year
  • drawings are available on demand, using up to date data
  • greater accuracy than manual drafting
  • errors in GIS data can be spotted visually– more efficient than normal text-based QA
  • drawings consistently obey drafting standards unlike manual drafting; and when standards change, drawings change to accomodate them
  • automated converson of legacy drawing set
Fixing/Upgrading Legacy Software

Legacy GIS software represents a huge investment, but one that is increasingly in danger. We specialize in determining how existing applications are working and bringing them up to date. If you are dealing with software that contains some black boxes you would like to remove, call us for a free evaluation.

A software upgrade makes sure

  • software operates in current operating system, GIS and data versions
  • output is delivered in required formats, satisfies latest requirements
  • logic and interfaces documented
  • software is optimized for speed and scalability
  • interfaces are expanded and streamlined to eliminate operator confusion and frustration, increase productivity

Contact Continuum to request a no-cost review of your applications that may be in need of upgrade. We can provide a road map of the most cost-effective strategy, or address specific needs that your team may have already identified.